Natural Ways For Breast Enhancement

One of the most popular ways of increasing the breast size without resorting to surgery is combining natural breast enhancement supplements that stimulate hormones with specially designed exercises.

Anethi and other natural extract oils can be used on massages and serve both the purpose of breast enhancement and lowering the risks of breast cancer. It is recommended to do the massages before sleep each night for a period of 30 days. A small 5 day pause is required before starting the treatment again. Look for natural products you can pick from a tree or buy in specialized stores. Stay away from creams and other mass produced big name brand stuff. Most of them will have minimum amounts of natural ingredients and will focus on lots of chemicals instead. All of that may prove to not only be useless in breast growth but it could also cause side effects.

exercises for female breastSmall weights can also help with breast enhancement exercises. Use two dumbbells while standing with your back straight and lift them to the breast level. Hold the position for a few seconds before lowering your hands. You can do at least 10 to 15 repetitions. Using the same pose, you can slowly alternate moving your hands to the opposite sides while holding the dumbbells at breast level. Many research results have shown that exercising can help a great deal with natural breast development while also improving their health. In general, most exercises that target the upper body (arms and shoulders included) help with breast development and size. Remember to not overdo it. Weights should be as light as possible because it’s not strength you are after.

Besides exercising and special oils, a protein rich diet is also recommended. Always consuming in some part dairy, eggs, fish and nuts is not something to neglect.  A good mix to consider is papaya and milk. This when consumed on a daily basis provides the body with all the nutrients and vitamins needed for natural breast growth. All plants and that target hormone growth are welcomed. Basil, anise and dill seeds and many others have large amounts of female sexual hormones. Of course they should be consumed after a nutritionist or doctor sets some limits so it won’t act like in a regular hormonal treatment.

There are also plenty of things to stay away from especially when taking a natural approach. Too much coffee will increase your metabolic rate and burn fat faster. Junk foods and all things deep fried should become off limits. It’s important to also avoid choosing bras that are too tight. Not only do they not favor growth they also ruin the natural form of breasts.

Although you cannot increase your cup size as you could with surgery, if you follow instructions and stick to doing correct exercises, results will show. Patience is required as not everyone reacts in the same way.  A natural approach is a longer but safer route to increasing the bra size. Even if you won’t go two or three sizes up, your breast will look and feel more natural than any type of medical intervention can provide. With the increase in breast cancer in the past decade, staying away from chemicals and anything created in a lab is a good idea and the good news is that you can still improve without all that.