Causes of Hair Loss in Men

No doubt the concept of hair loss is not a new phenomenon among men. You must have seen men with bald heads, right? Some of them very young looking, but still with a bald head right? In this article, we will discuss some of the common causes of hair loss among men.

Baldness in men is caused by androgenetic alopecia a condition that is brought about by the hormone Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) found in men. This hormone mainly affects men with the hereditary hair loss gene, thus making it easy for their already susceptible hair glands to fall off.

Hair loss in men is easier to notice than in women because it normally takes a pattern that makes hair rescind and finally fall off completely from the front hairline to the centre of the head, but little of it still grows at the back of the head. This condition is often referred to as miniaturization of hair glands since it shortens the hair growth cycle producing at a much slower speed and much less hairs.

Hair loss can also be caused by hereditary genes. Much research has indeed been conducted to try and unravel the reason behind various cases of baldness, with some studies focusing on which parent could have passed on the gene and which parents gene actually has more potential to result in hereditary hair loss.

In the same vein, hormonal work in the human body can also cause hair loss. It is said that hormones release chemical substances into the body that have a myriad of effects on the same.

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The male sex hormone, testosterone has actually been pin pointed as one that can have both the function of causing hair to grow as in during puberty but at the same time can cause hair to rescind especially since it would be coexistent with the DHT hormone.

Age is also a cause of hair loss in men. This factor works in sync with the above discussed factors to result in bald heads. There is no specific age that’s common to all men at which the hair falls off. It is however generally understood that human hair tends to fall off more as one ages and this may be the reason why baldness is more common in older men than younger ones.

Telogen effluvium is another phenomenon that can cause hair loss. This condition is mainly attributed to emotional or physical distress that can cause hair to fall out or even to stop growing. It is however easy to recover from as hair grows back with as one’s body recovers.

The diet one feeds on can also cause hair loss. If the hair glands are short of iron, zinc or biotin, they can easily become stagnated in growth. One therefore needs to take foods rich in these components such as beans, spinach, eggs and or multivitamins among others.